UPDATE: As of 10/1/23 you can choose any six pack of Ubu Ale, Pumpkin Ubu, or Big Slide IPA cans in place of a crowler. All Ubu & IPA are 12oz cans but feel free to choose this in place of all or any crowler in your order. For example, you can choose a crowler of Moose Island Ale and a six pack of Pumpkin Ubu in a two crowler order.

Beer is both heavy and needs to be packed well so we are only offering crowlers in pairs, in fours, or in sixes. You can mix and match beer from The Pub and Big Slide. Look here for today's Pub offerings and here for BSB's.


VERY IMPORTANT: 1) Can only be shipped within NY state and an adult signature will be required for delivery. 2) IN ORDER TO GET THE CROWLER COMBINATION YOU WANT, YOU MUST PUT YOUR BEER CHOICES SOMEWHERE IN YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS FORM WHEN CHECKING OUT. IT CAN BE IN THE BUSINESS NAME FIELD, THE SECONDARY ADDRESS LINE, THE ALTERNATIVE PHONE NUMBER. IT JUST NEEDS TO BE SOMEWHERE. 3) Our beer list and availability changes frequently and without notice. Some specialty beers may require an additional charge or be unavailable for shipping. If we run out of a beer after you have ordered it, we will substitute with a beer that is the closest to the beer you ordered.

There are just too many combinations for me to list them all. If you are having any issues, please just place your order then email me at and I will get it straightened out.

Thank you for your patience and your support. Cheers. Chris.

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