Big Slide Bottle Reservation - Santa Quad

Santa Quad   9% ABV, 8 IBU   

The brewers at Big Slide regard this beer as their highest accomplishment to date and will be entering this beer in two of the most prestigious beer competitions in the world. We are proud to make this beer available for the holiday season!

The second release in our “Get Down with the Funk Series” of mixed fermentation brews. Santa Quad is a traditional Belgian-Style Quadrupel, brewed with munich malt, caramunich malt and a Dark Belgian Candi Syrup to create a full bodied, silky smooth mouthfeel with flavors of dark caramel, toffee and stone fruit. Fermented with a Belgian La Chouffe yeast, then aged in a Burgundy barrel for over 1 year with our house mixed culture of microbes and Brett, Santa Quad has developed into a very special holiday ale of luxurious complexity. 

Serving Suggestions: Excellent beer to be enjoyed during the holidays, or aged for years to come. The live cultures in the bottle will continue to develop the unique flavors over time. Serve in a snifter or goblet, slightly chilled or close to room temperature. The flavors will open up and change as the beer warms in the glass. Enjoy!

Four bottle per order maximum.

NOTE: Due to NY Liquor laws, all beer must be picked up at Big Slide Brewery. These bottles cannot be shipped. ALL BOTTLES MUST BE PICKED UP BY 3/31/18 unless special arrangements are made. 

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