Twice Bitten Barleywine

9.7% ABV
Barleywine is a beer style that basically has a lot of everything in it. Lots of barley, lots of hops and lots of alcohol. Due to the abundance of ingredients, when barleywines finish fermenting, they have a fairly harsh flavor to them, therefore they need an extended period of conditioning in order to let all of the flavors mellow out and blend together. After the lengthy conditioning period, we end up with a very malty, very hoppy beer that is smooth tasting and balanced, despite the high ABV. Our Barleywine is brewed by mashing in twice and using the sweetest wort from each batch to create a very high gravity wort. From there, the wort is boiled and over 21 pounds of Amarillo hops are added throughout the boil. It is then fermented with yeast from the Thames River Valley in England. Once it is done fermenting, it sits at 38 degrees F for over 3 months. Originally, we brewed this beer using a double mash of our Frostbite recipe, which is why we call this beer “Twice bitten” Barleywine. This beer should only be served in a snifter.

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