Northville-Placid Trail I.P.A.

An American IPA brewed in celebration of the Northville-Placid Trail, a 138 mile hiking trail that crosses the Adk Park, from Northville, NY to Lake Placid. It was brewed in collaboration with the Timeless Tavern in Northville, a wonderful restaurant located right next to the NPT Archway, the start of the historic trail. This American IPA will be served at both the Timeless Tavern and the LPP&B, in essence, the start and end of the NPT. Brewed with a touch of German Munich & Carapils malt and hopped with Galaxy hops from New Zealand, this beer will be the perfect start and finish to an almost 100 year old Classic Adirondack Adventure! 6.2% ABV 85 IBU.

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