KB's Wee Heavy

6.7% ABV
A fairly strong Scottish Ale fermented with a Scotch Ale Yeast. Malt flavors dominate, with a distinct malt sweetness, and a decidedly smoky character. All Scottish ales are low in bitterness, and very low in hop flavors and aromas, and this beer is no exception. In accordance with traditional Scottish brewing procedures, we ran off a small portion of wort and caramelized it by boiling it in the kettle for 45 minutes before running off the rest of the wort. From there, we boiled it for a longer period of time, and added aged hops to the kettle, as to impart very little hop flavor and aroma to the finished product. Overall, a malty dark amber beer, with a unique Scottish ale flavor. This beer is brewed in memory of Kevin Broderick, who appreciated the finer things in life like good friends and great beer.

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