Backfence I.P.A.

6.7% ABV
Backfence IPA is a wet-hopped India Pale Ale. Wet hopping is a unique way of creating hop flavor, where freshly picked whole hop cones are added to the beer, rather than using the usual dried version of hops. Fresh “wet” hops must be used within a day of harvest as they would begin to grow mold if left undried for much longer. Our wet hops are Cascade hops, locally grown in Lake Placid by a loyal customer who donates his entire crop to be used in this one batch of beer. The beer is aptly named Backfence IPA, as the hops literally grow up and along his back fence. This beer is slightly more bitter than our LP IPA, and has a bold unique hop flavor. It is only available in late September, as it is brewed in conjunction with the harvesting of the hops.

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