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Seasonal Selections

Lake Placid Pub and Brewery

You can always tell when a brewpub is owned by a brewer - the brewery is centerstage, the beer is listed everywhere, and, most importantly, the beer is top-quality.  The Lake Placid Pub & Brewery has been brewing award-wining beers since 1996.  Utillizing a seven barrel brewery, we brew over 1200 barrels each year, placing our production in the top 7% of brewpubs nationwide - not bad for a town of 2800 residents.  We always have six house beers on tap. Our current line-up is listed on the Beer on Tap page but here are some of the beers which have rotated in and out of the line-up. What is your favorite?

Leaping Cow E.S.B.

6.5% ABV
The return of one of the Pub's early favorites - Leaping Cow graces our taps after a decade long hiatus.  This traditional English-style ESB balances classic East Kent Goldings hops with sweet, crystal malt, and finishes with American Mosaic hops.  Named after a backwoods fence in Essex New York which could only be jumped by some sort of 'leaping cow' - we were hungover, don't ask!

Imperial Pumpkin

8.0% ABV
A Belgian-style ale brewed with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and real pumpkins, fermented with an authentic Belgian yeast. A great balance of Belgian flavors and traditional pumkpin pie spices make this brew a great compliment to the fall season. The first in our limited edition Pub Series of beers.

Shot in the Dark I.P.A.

6.3% ABV
This is a unique IPA in that it is much darker in color than most IPA’s. It is one of the newest beer styles to hit the market. The beer style is called American-Style India Dark ale. It is essentially an IPA brewed with darker caramel malts to bring about sweeter caramel flavors in the malt profile, while keeping the highly bitter, highly hoppy IPA characteristics that so many Americans love. Our version, is a single hop beer, meaning that we use Simcoe hops for every addition to the kettle. Very bitter, and slightly sweet and nutty, this beer is sort of a cross between a brown ale and an American IPA.


Nippletop Milk Stout (Fresh Powder Milk Stout)

4.9% ABV
This is our version of a milk stout, originally named Fresh Powder Milk Stout.  A milk stout is simply a stout brewed with an addition of Lactose, a non-fermentable milk sugar, used to create sweetness and a fuller body and mouthfeel in the beer. This is the sweetest stout that we brew, not only because of the addition of lactose, but because of the low hop bitterness, and higher residual sugar content. It is very full bodied beer, often perceived as thick and creamy.


French-style Biere de Garde

Biere de Garde is a strong Belgian Ale that has been aged for 6 months. The beer style, Biere de Garde actually means “aged beer” and is traditionally brewed with candi sugar and spices. Ours has over 30 pounds of light candi sugar added to the boil, and has been spiced with Grains of Paradise, a pungent spice native to West Africa, that has a slight peppery flavor. This deep copper colored beer is sweet, and full bodied.  It is fermented with Belgian yeast.  It is served in a Belgian-style beer goblet due to its high alcohol content. It has a very earthy, sweet flavor starting out, followed by a slightly floral aftertaste with a hint of apricot in the finish.


Threesome American-style Tripel

9.7% ABV
A Belgian/American Inspired Pale Strong Ale brewed with ingredients from Germany, France, England, America, and Belgium. It is fermented with a Belgian Yeast and the fermentation is dosed with 50 lbs. of Belgian Candy Sugar halfway through fermentation. Unique to many Belgian Style beers, we pitched the yeast at a cooler temperature (62º F) and let the natural energy of the yeast raise the temperature to a very warm 80°F by the end of the fermentation. This unique fermentation regimen increases the fusel alcohols that are produced during fermentation, creating unique fruit and alcohol flavors in the finished beer. Threesome is loaded with malted barley to create a big mouthfeel and strong malt character. A large addition of Special Aromatic Malt is added to increase the malt aromas in the beer. It is then absurdly hopped with Millenium, and Strisselspalt Hops which is what sets it apart from beers in the Belgian-Style Tripel category. It is a unique beer, not for the faint of heart, or delicate palette. Enjoy.


Wolf Jaw Wit

5.5% ABV
This is a Belgian Style Wheat beer. It is pale yellow in color and delicate in flavor. It is lightly hopped, not at all bitter, and spiced with dried Curacao Orange Peel and Coriander. It is brewed with 41% Unmalted Wheat, a small amount of oats, and the remainder malted barley. It is lightly hopped in order to let the flavors of the wheat, yeast and spices come through. It is fermented with an authentic Belgian yeast strain, which creates some very unique fruity wild yeast flavors. Overall this is a very delicate beer with a complex flavor profile of various fruits and spices. It is light in body and flavor, and very refreshing.

Twice Bitten Barleywine

9.7% ABV
Barleywine is a beer style that basically has a lot of everything in it. Lots of barley, lots of hops and lots of alcohol. Due to the abundance of ingredients, when barleywines finish fermenting, they have a fairly harsh flavor to them, therefore they need an extended period of conditioning in order to let all of the flavors mellow out and blend together. After the lengthy conditioning period, we end up with a very malty, very hoppy beer that is smooth tasting and balanced, despite the high ABV. Our Barleywine is brewed by mashing in twice and using the sweetest wort from each batch to create a very high gravity wort. From there, the wort is boiled and over 21 pounds of Amarillo hops are added throughout the boil. It is then fermented with yeast from the Thames River Valley in England. Once it is done fermenting, it sits at 38 degrees F for over 3 months. Originally, we brewed this beer using a double mash of our Frostbite recipe, which is why we call this beer “Twice bitten” Barleywine. This beer should only be served in a snifter.

Adirondack Gold

4.8% ABV     5 IBU

A Golden Ale, gold in color and light on the palette. It is one of our hoppiest light ales, has a crisp, dry finish, and very little bitterness.

Smokin’ Blonde Ale

5.9% ABV
A light summer ale brewed with a significant amount of smoked malted barley. It is light in flavor, fairly dry, and noticeably smoky. It is a bit stronger than the Moose Island, yet just as light in flavor and bitterness. A great choice for a hot summer day, refreshing, and thirst quenching with a unique smoked accent. This beer will compliment any BBQ items on our menu - an ideal choice to accompany our ribs and pulled pork.

Summer Wheat

4.4% ABV
An American wheat beer. Malted wheat makes up 35% of the total grain bill, giving this beer a unique malt flavor. This is a very light and crisp ale, finishing fairly dry with just a hint of Cascade hops.

Colonel’s Kolsch

4.6% ABV
A traditional German-Style Kolsch. This light beer is fermented with a yeast imported from Cologne, Germany. It is lightly hopped with German Hallertauer hops and finishes very dry on the palette. This beer is typically brewed in the fall during Oktoberfest, and is named after Catherine’s Dad, who was a Colonel in the US Air Force.

Cascade Pale Ale

5.6% ABV
Cascade is a single variety hopped beer - we only use the ‘Cascade’ variety of hops.  We add Cascade hops as soon as we start filling the kettle, four times during the boil, and once in the whirlpool. Cascade hops are the quintessential American Craft Brewery hops. They are used in many if not all of the microbreweries around the USA because they are pleasantly bitter and have a nice, distinct, pine-y aroma.  CPA is copper in color. It is not as bitter as our LP IPA.

Patriot Pale Ale

5.4% ABV
A pale ale brewed entirely from American ingredients. We fermented this beer with an American Ale yeast from California, and used American grown Barley & Hops. It is a very straight forward American Pale Ale, true to its style parameters.

CJ’s Honey Rye

This is a copper colored rye ale, brewed with pilsner malt and flaked rye malt. Sixty pounds of fall wildflower honey is added to the whirlpool. Honey is 100% fermentable, which means that all of the sugars in honey will be fermented into alcohol during the fermentation process. However, by adding the honey at the end of the boil, it imparts a mild honey aroma into the finished product. Our honey rye ale has a dry spicy malt character, accompanied by a distinct floral flavor and mild floral aroma. The honey is purchased from a small family owned Apiary in the Finger Lakes region of NY. CJ is the second addition to the Ericson family.

Autumn Rye

6.0% ABV
A dry and spicy copper ale with a moderate bitterness from Millennium hops and the characteristic floral flavor and aroma of Saaz finishing hops.  This fall brew contains a large addition of malted rye, and a healthy dose of flaked oats.

Imperial I.P.A.

9.6% ABV
Imperial IPAs are basically a bigger bolder version of a traditional IPA.  Ours is significantly stronger. It’s more bitter than our IPA with 100 IBUs, and significantly hoppier. It is hopped with a blend of Warrior, Simcoe, and Cascade hops.  It is served in a 10 oz. snifter.

Backfence I.P.A.

5.8% ABV
Backfence IPA is a wet-hopped India Pale Ale. Wet hopping is a unique way of creating hop flavor, where freshly picked whole hop cones are added to the beer, rather than using the usual dried version of hops. Fresh “wet” hops must be used within a day of harvest as they would begin to grow mold if left undried for much longer. Our wet hops are Cascade hops, locally grown in Lake Placid by a loyal customer who donates his entire crop to be used in this one batch of beer. The beer is aptly named Backfence IPA, as the hops literally grow up and along his back fence. This beer is slightly more bitter than our LP IPA, and has a bold unique hop flavor. It is only available in late September, as it is brewed in conjunction with the harvesting of the hops.

Barkeater Amber Ale

5.3% ABV
This is an American-style amber ale that has been around for many years, in fact it was one of our first brews ever. It is one of two amber ales that we regularly brew at the pub, this being the drier hoppier of the two. Barkeater Amber is brewed with a variety of crystal malts which gives its red color and slightly sweet malt flavor. It has four hop additions, with the last addition being a relatively large addition of Willamette hops.  This beer has a fairly dry finish and has been a local favorite since 1996.

Bruce’s Brown Bag Ale

6.2% ABV
This is our version of an English Brown Ale. It is dark brown in color, sweet and malty up front with a distinctive hop character in the finish.  This beer is one of our best selling seasonal beers and is very popular with the locals. It was actually the very first beer to be brewed at the pub. It is named after a local happy hour customer who was the architect of the building when it was being renovated and turned into the brewpub. We will brew this beer at various times throughout the year, and expect it to move fairly quickly.

Dr. Fogg’s Oatmeal Stout

4.9% ABV
This is a classic oatmeal stout that has been brewed here for many years.  A winter time favorite, it has a huge local following.  Dr Fogg’s is made using a good percentage of Roasted Malt, a black specialty malt that has been kilned for a long time to create a dark, bitter flavor.  It is basically the definitive malted barley for creating a stout. We have added oatmeal, in order to create a fuller body and smooth mouthfeel.  The oatmeal also imparts a unique flavor to the beer, giving the overall perception more depth.  This beer does not have a strong hop character or hop bitterness, but rather accentuates the roasted malt character from the grain.

Sunrise Stout

4.5% ABV
A dry stout made with additions of coffee, oatmeal, and lactose sugar (milk sugar). Flaked oats are added to the mash, and 25# of lactose is added to the boil. In addition, 1 lb of Espresso Beans from Adk Bean-To Coffee Roasters in Saranac Lake, is added to the whirlpool at the end of the boil. Lactose is added to increase the body and mouth feel of the beer, and to add a bit of sweetness, in order to balance the acidic, bitter flavor of the coffee.  Great with pancakes for breakfast!

Vanilla Porter

4.0% ABV
A London Porter that is brewed with whole vanilla beans. No artificial flavors or oils are added, just pure vanilla beans from Madagascar, Mexico, and the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific. The paste from the inside of the bean is scraped off and dissolved into the beer after the fermentation is complete. From there, the beer is aged on the vanilla beans in the conditioning tank for about 1 week.  The result is a rich, full flavored porter with a smooth mouthfeel and a distinct vanilla bean aroma and flavor.

Chocolate Porter

4.8% ABV
An Irish Porter brewed with an addition of 5 pounds of Dutch Process Cocoa during the boil. The grain bill includes two varieties of Chocolate Malt. Chocolate malt is a highly roasted variety of malted barley that imparts chocolate flavors and aromas into beer. There is no actual chocolate in chocolate malt, it is simply named that way due to the flavors that it imparts. This beer was also aged on Cocoa Nibs for one week. Cocoa nibs are basically raw cocoa from the inside of the cocoa bean that is extracted after the bean has been roasted. This beer was fermented with an Irish yeast. It was first brewed in 2012 and was served on Nitro to accentuate its’ smooth, creamy mouthfeel.

Monster Fogg’s Imperial Stout

7.6% ABV
Monster Fogg’s is a bigger bolder version of our Dr Fogg’s, with a higher alcohol content and slightly more hop presence to balance it out. It has a thick full body and a distinguishable warming character from the higher level of alcohol. It is brewed with 5 gallons of molasses added to the boil to increase the fermentable sugar content of the wort.

High Peaks Hefeweizen

5.0% ABV
High Peaks Hefewiezen is a German Style Wheat Beer. It is yellow/pale orange in color and is cloudy in appearance. It is a very unique beer that is fermented with an ale yeast from Weihenstephan, Germany (pronounced Vine-Schte-fawn). Hefewiezen (pronounced Hefay-vite-zen) actually means “wheat beer with yeast”, which is why we do not clarify this beer. The thick cloudiness is actually the yeast suspended in the beer. The yeast contributes a unique flavor with a strong banana and clove character.  It has a very spicy aroma with hints of banana and clove in the aroma as well. It is brewed with 50% malted wheat, in place of malted barley, and hopped with noble hop varieties originating in Germany. It is not a bitter beer style, therefore letting the wheat flavors and yeast flavors dominate.  Traditionally, this beer is often served with a lemon in it, however, we do not recommend it. This beer will be on tap throughout the summer until roughly mid September.

Alpine Ace Double Wit

7.1% ABV
This is basically a stronger version of a traditional Belgian-Style Wit. It is fermented with a Belgian yeast strain and spiced with the traditional Wit spices of Orange Peel and Coriander. We use Sorachi Ace hops for all of the hop additions during the boil. Sorachi Ace hops are a fairly new hop variety. They are known for their distinctive citrus flavors, especially lemon.


In celebration of spring, this strong lager beer is brewed primarily with German malted barley and German Hallertauer (pronounced hal-ler-tower) hops.  It is golden yellow in color and is a full bodied beer with a decisive hop presence. It is on tap every year for the month of May and is served in a snifter.

Ectoberfest Lager

5.8% ABV
Ectoberfest is a traditional German-style lager brewed with German malt and hops. Brown in color, this lager is sweet and malty with very little bitterness.  As with all lagers, this beer was fermented at cooler temperatures (50°F), and conditioned for over a month. The style of beer is called Oktoberfest, however, “Ecto”berfest is derived from Chris Ericson’s nickname “Ecto” (from back in his college hockey days). Oktoberfest beers are traditionally brewed in celebration of the fall season, and normally coincide with the German Oktoberfest Festivals which take place in early October. Our version of this beer is extremely popular and will probably only be on tap throughout October.

KB’s Wee Heavy

6.7% ABV
A fairly strong Scottish Ale fermented with a Scotch Ale Yeast. Malt flavors dominate, with a distinct malt sweetness, and a decidedly smoky character. All Scottish ales are low in bitterness, and very low in hop flavors and aromas, and this beer is no exception. In accordance with traditional Scottish brewing procedures, we ran off a small portion of wort and caramelized it by boiling it in the kettle for 45 minutes before running off the rest of the wort. From there, we boiled it for a longer period of time, and added aged hops to the kettle, as to impart very little hop flavor and aroma to the finished product. Overall, a malty dark amber beer, with a unique Scottish ale flavor. This beer is brewed in memory of Kevin Broderick, who appreciated the finer things in life like good friends and great beer.

Belgian-style Pale Ale

5.1% ABV
A pale ale fermented with a Belgian Trappist yeast. Unique to this pale ale malt bill is an addition of Dark Munich Malt, which will add a slighltly nuttier flavor to the finished beer. It is hopped with Perle, East Kent Goldings, and Hallertauer Hops. It’s just a bit less bitter than the 46er.

Belgian-style Saison

8.7% ABV
A strong, spicy Belgian Ale with a distinct toasted malt character. Unmalted, toasted barley flakes were used in the mash, in addition to Munich and Vienna malts to create a unique toasted, nutty malt profile. In addition to modest amounts of imported hops, we added Paradise seed and Black pepper to create a bold spicy character. We then fermented the beer at an unusually high fermentation temperature of 84 degrees F. This high fermentation temperature creates some very wild fruity flavors. To finish it off, we added 25 pounds of Belgian Candi Sugar to the beer on its second day of fermentation which helped it to ferment out to almost 9% alcohol.

Belgian-style Flanders Brown Ale

5.7% ABV
A light brown ale with a dry malt character, fermented with a Trappist yeast. This beer is light in body/mouthfeel, with a slight roasted character from the additions of roast and coffee malts. Few hops are added to the boil, to preserve the light character and fruity undertones of this unique yeast.

maple sap ale

6.4% ABV   19 IBU
Instead of water, we brewed with 100% local maple sap harvested only two miles from the brewery.  This pale amber ale is lightly hopped with Nugget and Perle hops which balance a subtle maple flavor. Unique and delicious!

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