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Lake Placid Pub and Brewery

You can always tell when a brewpub is owned by a brewer - the brewery is centerstage, the beer is listed everywhere, and, most importantly, the beer is top-quality.  The Lake Placid Pub & Brewery has been brewing award-winning beers since 1996.  Utillizing a seven barrel brewery, we brew over 1500 barrels each year, placing our production in the top 7% of brewpubs nationwide - not bad for a town of 2800 residents.  We always have six house beers on tap.

NEW: Brewery tours are offered on Saturdays at 4:30pm. Please gather at the third floor bar to start the tour. Tours also given upon request. 

Our current line-up is found below:

ubu ale

7.0% ABV   38 IBU   43 SRM
Our famous English-style Strong Ale is deep garnet red in color, and features dark fruit and roasted malt flavors, with a slightly bitter finish.

lake placid I.P.A.

6.8% ABV   67 IBU   21 SRM
A tribute to the original West Coast-style IPA’s, our IPA is aggressively hopped for a citrus and piney flavor and aroma, but maintains a subtle, bready malt backbone.

Sunrise Stout

4.1% ABV
LPP&B’s quintessential “Breakfast Beer”.  It’s an oatmeal, cream stout featuring lactose sugar & locally –roasted coffee beans from the Adirondack Bean-To Coffee Roasters in Saranac Lake.  Dark, smooth, and delicious, it’s a great way to start (or end) you day.

Bruce’s Brown Bag Ale

6.2% ABV
This is our version of an English Brown Ale. It is dark brown in color, sweet and malty up front with a distinctive hop character in the finish.  This beer is one of our best selling seasonal beers and is very popular with the locals. It was actually the very first beer to be brewed at the pub. It is named after a local happy hour customer who was the architect of the building when it was being renovated and turned into the brewpub. We will brew this beer at various times throughout the year, and expect it to move fairly quickly.

46’er pale ale

6.0% ABV   43 IBU    13 SRM
A great English-style Pale Ale – copper in color, hoppy yet very smooth.

Golden Rye Ale ***

***Hoploft Only

4.0% ABV 
A golden ale with a generous contribution of rye malt, lightly hopped with Saaz & Hallertau hops.  Light in bitterness and very thirst quenching.

adk gold ale

4.5% ABV
A hoppy golden ale that is low in bitterness wth a distinctive hop flavor.  Celeia and Perle hops are showcased in this light, refreshing ale.

Big Slide IPA (bottle only)

    7.0% ABV

Walking through the forests around the Olympic village you experience the enormity of the Adirondack Mountains. We offer this big, slightly piney brew in tribute to both the 27th High Peak and our ski jumps, which rise high above the trees. Here's to the heights!

Black Tie Chocolate Vanilla Porter (bottle only)

  7.0% ABV

Madagascar bourbon vanilla and hand-selected, pure cocoa nibs are used to elevate this traditional porter to a new level of sophistication. These two celebrated flavors pair perfectly with the party, and the after-party. Here's to the occasion!


QUALITY.  We are proud to offer growlers (and 6-packs, 12-packs, and cases) of our beers. We have a policy of never directly refilling any growlers, including our own. Instead we have an exchange where we take a dirty/empty Lake Placid Pub & Brewery growler and give you a new one - one which has been washed, sterilized, purged with CO2, and then correctly filled that day by our brewery staff. After years of seeing people come in with growlers which were not ready to be filled, we instituted this policy. We never fill growlers at the bar, even if you feel that yours are clean and ready to be filled. 

We are not unique with this policy. From The Brewers Association: Establishments filling growlers should only fill containers that have been properly cleaned. In some cases retailers require an “exchange program” where a consumer exchanges an empty, approved growler container (to be cleaned by the retailer) for a full growler. Source:

We price the new growlers and refills within $3 of each other in an effort to not be greedy, unlike some other breweries where it is double the cost. That issue is secondary, however - the biggest reason is that we take an enormous amount of pride in our beer and have found that the only way to insure its quality when taken away from the Pub is to follow this procedure. (As a side note, it is also illegal from a TTB and NYSLA perspective to have a bottle which contains a product which is not accurately labeled on the outside, although many breweries choose to ignore this rule.) But again, for us it is about insuring the quality of the liquid once you get it home. And don't forget, GROWLERS SHOULD BE KEPT REFRIGERATED AND CONSUMED AS SOON AFTER PURCHASE AS POSSIBLE.Thanks.

Lake Placid Pub and Brewery

Lake Placid Pub & Brewery
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